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Frequently Asked Questions

Considerations Before Selecting a Facility Management Company

Does your company perform regular quality control inspections? If so, how often?

Yes we do regularly scheduled quality control inspections for all of our clients. One of the most important components of achieving success with your janitorial company is communication. Nexsentio uses an inspection software to inspect and then follow up with the client upon completion.

Things to consider with your current company:

- Are you given an opportunity to voice your opinion or tell your current company how it’s doing?
- Does your current company seem to "nickel and dime" you for anything extra or above scope?
- Do you have to constantly request an update on past requests?

Will I have direct access to a decision maker in case of an emergency?

If there is a problem it helps to know that you can make one phone call and resolve any issue that may come up. Nexsentio is owner operated and the owners are in touch with each and every client. We also allow our supervisors and quality control account managers the power to comfortably make a decision and the company will stand behind it.

Things to consider with your current company:

- Does the company you’re working with allow access to a person who can send additional staff, and/or approve special equipment if it is necessary?

Does your company do sub-contracting?

Some companies sign a contract with you and sell it to another company. This means that quality control, scheduling and communication is not streamlined or consistent. This can create a more challenging facility to manage. Keep control over your satisfaction by working with companies who do not sub-contract their agreements. We currently have over 100 full-time employees that are all on our payroll!

Janitorial companies are generally the same right? So, shouldn't i just pick the cheapest one?

Janitorial companies are definitely not all the same! Sometimes when you select the cheapest company, you may also be selecting a staff that is not very experienced. Our company is frequently hired to correct issues from projects that have been done improperly by a "cheaper" company. Going with a cheaper company may actually cost you more in the long run. If floors or other surfaces are not properly cared for you run the risk of a costly replacement. Your Nexsentio team will become part of your team. We believe that since each of our clients are different, we should be too! We use technology and an experienced quality control program to separate us from the rest.

Does your company provide handyman services? If so, what is your hourly rate?

NEXSENTIO has a team of qualified handymen that are available to fix the smaller items that can be a nuisance to any facility. Most companies have to call a plumber to fix a simple flush valve or an electrician to change a ballast. This can cost up to $150.00 per hour with a 2-3 hour minimum! Nexsentio has no minimum hourly charge and charge at least 50% less per hour. We can provide handyman support on an as needed basis responding to work order entered through our system, or on a daily, weekly or monthly frequency.

Things to consider with your current company: Do you have maintenance support from your landlord? Or are you on your own when it comes to getting the small things fixed? Will your current company support you but still require a 4 hour minimum charge?

Nexsentio has an entire department focused on facility maintenance. When it is a simple leaky rubber gasket or re-lamping a floor in your building then call us instead of a pricy contractor. We have a low hourly rate with no minimums!
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