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Why Nexsentio Retains Over 97% of Our Clients!

Nexsentio’s culture is based on our ability to understand that businesses spend most of their workday chasing calendars and trying to keep up with their to-do-list. This includes attending meetings, responding to emails, and racing to meet project deadlines. These day-to-day pressures can make it challenging to keep up with the general housekeeping throughout the facility. Let’s face it, not all businesspeople have the time to stay on top of regular cleaning and clutter. But there are risks that come with working in an untidy environment and the bottom-line is with a clean workplace you can keep your employees healthy. This has proven to increase productivity, employee satisfaction and best of all, create and maintain an environment in which everyone benefits.

Meet Your Team

Danielle Bunel

Chief Executive Officer

Rene Velazquez

Chief Operations Officer

Aricela Castaneda

Human Resource Manager

Maria Lopez

Billing Admin

Esbeidy Pascacio

Payroll Manager

Mayra Mata

Operations Support

Nora Mata

Account Manager

Rosa Aguilar

Area Manager

Juan Pascacio

Account Manager

Abraham Cornejo

Account Manager

Jaime Venegas

Area Supervisor

Carlos Valverde

Area Supervisor
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