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During COVID-19 we are also providing services inside our regular janitorial scope as well as additional COVID disinfecting services.
Since 2006 Nexsentio has been providing facility solutions and cleaning services to the most successful and admired companies on the West Coast. We make the health and safety of every work environment we have the honor of cleaning our priority! This empowers our clients to concentrate on their growth and success while trusting that their workspace is clean and safe for all employees. We integrate with your facility team to stay focused on maintaining a highly productive environment by creating a specialized cleaning program for each client we serve. When it comes to navigating how to increase productivity and re-gain trust in your work environment NEVER SETTLE, choose a company that will bring you the NEXT EXPERIENCE in safety, support and overall satisfaction.
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Building Environments We Service

Corporate Campus

Large corporate campuses can present certain cleaning challenges.  By working with Nexsentio we understand that a clean, properly disinfected work environment can improve efficiency.  Our management staff is well trained in reading and understanding proper scope implementation.  We create trusted programs that include tasks with different frequencies for each of the unique office environments.  

Multi Tenant

With our strong ability to provide accurate scope management we can support all tenant needs independently all while maintaining strong communication with the building management. High rise buildings work as a unit with many different parts. A strong cleaning presence throughout the entire building can promote the morale of all that enter. Nexsentio provides a strong and knowledgeable cleaning team that will reflect the positive employee first values of our client.

Retail & Distribution Centers

Warehouse environments can be extremely hectic and require a very specialized cleaning team.  Nexsentio has become known as warehouse cleaning specialists as we have created a program that allow us to infuse our attention to detail inside the fast-paced environment.  

Food Distribution

Nexsentio has over 20 years of successful food distribution warehouse cleaning.  We have developed our own cleaning program to ensure your warehouse is always audit-ready!  Sanitation is the most important part of a successful food distribution warehouse, no matter how good the pickers and drivers are if the sanitation program is not consistent and properly documented then the warehouse becomes vulnerable to hefty citations.  

Pharmaceutical & Medical Offices

We understand that medical offices and pharmaceutical plants and office environments are special. Their customers are relying on trustworthy care for their own personal health. Our services are complete and audit ready! We learn what is needed to verify that all cleaning and disinfecting protocol is being followed. We work with each client to create a checklist that will be used in an audit prepared binder or online portal. We train our employee on how to properly update and maintain, we go further than most janitorial companies by require more than just a check in a box. Our leads are trained and explained to the importance of the logs they are maintaining. We become an integral part of the process! Education and understanding for our employees are the key to our success.

High Tech & Datacenters

Data Centers and Clean rooms no matter how big or small need specialized cleaning protocols to ensure the longevity and health of the equipment.  Our goal is to work with your team to create a plan to make sure your high-tech areas are running at peak performance.  

Reasons To Choose


Nexsentio owners and management staff are strong and effective leaders. It is our belief that leadership is not about powerful authority, but more about taking responsibility and being held accountable. We’ve built a rich culture that empowers our employees with personal and professional development. From engaging activities to career mapping and growth and providing them with the tools they need to be successful in life. Make no mistake about it, Nexsentio’s power to provide our clients with innovative business solution relies on our collective leadership. It is what we do by choice!


At the Core of Nexsentio’s DNA is our people. We believe all possibilities live in our relationships with one another. In this, we are true believers. We are a diverse group of talented individuals who understand the importance of teamwork, leadership, and character. It has always been our long-standing purpose at Nexsentio to be of service in the lives of our clients, employees, and partners, while making diversity, inclusivity and social responsibility part of Nexsentio’s DNA. It is the energy source that drives our employment practices, business initiatives and cultural identity.

Honest Communication

Communication is key! What our clients say matters to us; it directs our thoughts, our actions, and our wisdom to serve each client. It connects us to work closely with our clients by giving us better clarity and understanding of our clients’ needs and encourages us to strive for constant improvement all while holding us accountable. Honest communication allows us to work in ways that truly matter.

Proud of what
we do

At Nexsentio we believe that we are all necessary to one another. We are true believers that our future depends on the meaningful work we do for our clients, our employees, our partners, and the community at large. Our commitment is providing a service that is worth the cost of ownership. It is our contribution to the overall success of those we serve and something we take very seriously. We are Proud of what we do!

Deliver above Expectation

Nexsentio strives to deliver more than what is expected. We believe that the scope or work is the most important document inside a contract. However,sometimes the scope of work misses a few extremely important details. We embed our employees and services to fit the custom needs of each client. If a solution can be easily implemented and provide a big impact, then we do it. Most of our competitors’ will nickel and dime their clients for any service that may not be directly referenced in the scope of work. Nexsentio is very open to working with our clients and will make adjustments as needed based on what will make the overall experience for our clients positive

Trustworthy Scope Management

From the nightly janitorial service to a full decommission or office move we can manage any project and report back to the client! Working together with our clients helps us to figure out and individualize the services we provide. This has taught us how to use create industry defining solutions, challenge the status quo and ultimately lead the charge! Our project management services will take the pressure off facility managers and focus it towards our management system to provide adequate information with timely and thorough reporting back to our clients.

Our Services

Commercial Janitorial
One time & Reoccurring Services
GREEN Cleaning Services
Bio-Hazzard & COVID19 Cleaning 

Commercial Janitorial

Cleaning a commercial building includes many facets and a strong presence throughout the facility. Nexsentio provides both Day and night cleaning to ensure we are your eyes and ears day and night! We work hard to develop and implement a cleaning program that removes the day-to-day stress that cleaning issues can cause. This allows our clieints to stay focused on other more pressing tasks at their buildings.

Day Porter Services:

  • Lobby, Foyers and Common Areas
  • Restroom and Consumable refills
  • Sweep, Vacuum and Floor Mopping
  • Empty, Clean and Reline trash receptacles
  • Kitchen/Pantry & Coffee Station restocking
  • Spill cleanup, loose trash patrol
  • On-site & real time communication with client using smart device both day and night

Night Cleaning Services

  • Detailed Office Cleaning
  • Complete waste removal & recycling program compliance
  • Kitchen/restroom restocking
  • Reception / lobby cleaning
  • Daily carpet care
  • Hard surface floor cleaning & maintenance
  • Spot cleaning and emergency clean up
  • On-site management with real time communication
  • Regular executive management presence and on-site inspections

Facility Services

Every facility has needs that do not quite fall under comprehensive cleaning but can be provided by a qualified facility technician. These services can be helpful since they are more cost effective since they do not require a trained and certified technician but are still just as important. Nexsentio can provide additional labor to assist with completing these smaller tasks that make a big impression on the overall upkeep of the facility. Some of these services include but not limited to the following list:
  • Office decommissions
  • Office moves both off-site and interior
  • Wall mount projects such as TV monitors, pictures, shelves, and whiteboards
  • Minor flooring repair for carpet, tile, and baseboards.
  • Painting
  • Wall repairs
  • Light bulb maintenance
  • On-site light support for building engineers during larger projects

Floor Maintenance

Nexsentio has special floor utility teams that only provide advanced floor maintenance services. Our teams are able to assess the best frequency and services needed to maintain a brand new, and professional shine. We understand that by maintaining the upkeep of your floors will reduce the need to replace them more often. Our expertise ranges from a variety of floor deep cleaning procedures:
  • Carpet Care Cleaning
  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning
  • Laminate & Vinyl Flooring
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Floor polishing: including Cement, Concrete and Stone floors
  • Office furniture and upholstery steam cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Routine maintenance cleaning services
  • Restorative & protective cleaning services

One time & Reoccurring Services

A clean building includes polished services to impress your guests and give them the confidence to relax. We have several routine methods with a high success rate to bring out the true sparkle of your facility! We not only provide contracted services but can also provide services on a reoccurring or one time frequency depending on the need. These service include:
  • Professionally trained janitorial specialists
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Options
  • Complete portfolio of offered services
  • Detailed customizable cleaning plans
  • Centralized and consolidated billing with one invoice
  • Single point of contact for customized support
  • Response time, inspection and resolution time data analytics
  • Workload and Inspection tracking using smart devices.
  • Dynamic and effective team cleaning

GREEN Cleaning Services

As simple as it may seem the decisions necessary to ensure a safe and sanitary office can be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be and Nexsentio is ready to partner with you! After years of experience in various industries and understanding their unique health & safety standards and guidelines we has put together a comprehensive “Green Clean” program. This program documents the procedures, chemicals and equipment needed to create a healthier and more sustainable environment for our customers. We can customize a green cleaning program that leaves your workspace safer and healthier.
  • Use only GREEN SEAL CERTIFIED chemicals
  • CDC Approved procedures
  • State-of-the-art /best of class processes and equipment

The BENEFITS include:

  • Improving indoor air quality over time
  • Eliminating more stringent chemicals to mitigate allergic reactions
  • Reducing toxins that get absorbed in our ecosystem
  • Helping to reduce sick days taken by employees

Disinfecting & COVID-19

COVID-19 and the global pandemic shown a light and re addressed the importance of proper cleaning and disinfecting. The truth is and always has been that:
  • 35 Million people are diagnosed with the flu annually
  • Over 97 Million people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 worldwide from its inception through 2022
  • 576 Billion Dollars are spent annually on Sick Days
  • Absences due to sickness results in a 54% decrease in productivity.
  • Cleanliness is the #1 Customer Satisfaction
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